Reliable pumps providing water energy.

Founded in 1977, Nocchi is today a part of Pentair Water group. For over 30 years now we have worked in the design and manufacture of pumps for water handling, providing our clients with quality products and practical solutions to meet all types of demand.

The wide range of Nocchi products offers design studios and specialist distributors of hydraulic and sanitary/heating fittings all the products and systems to meet the needs of water supply and pressure booster systems for residential, public, irrigation and industrial applications.

Electric pumps for residential use
Submersible pumps, self-priming pumps, multi-stage centrifugalc pumps and compact pumping systems for water supply to private homes, garden irrigation and rainwater collection systems.


Fire Fighting and Pressure Booster Systems

Vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps. Complete systems for the transfer and pressurization of water. Fire fighting units.

Electric Pumps for Drainage

Pumps for the transfer of clear water, waste water, sewage water and sludge. Pumps designed fornumerous applications (basin water, cistern water, pumping stations, etc.).

Electric Pumps for Opene and Drilled Wells 

Submersible pumps for irrigation and underground water pumping..


Electric Pumps

Vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps; submersible pumps for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications; pumps for clear and waste water drainage; booster sets and fire-fighting units, pumps for central heating and air conditioning systems.


Filtration systems for industrial, residential and commercial sectors; filter cartridges, components for drinking water filtration, pumps for camper vans and boats, pumps and accessories for industrial and food sector applications

Water Treatment
Valves for the control of water treatmentrom in domestic, commercial and industrial applications; pressure tanks and expansion vessels in glass fiber; water storage tanks.

Swimming Pools

A complete range of equipment and accessories for swimming pools: filters, pumps, heating and lighting systems, cleaning accessories; dispensers and control systems, products and accessories for fountains and ponds.