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Prodotti certificati TIFQ

TIFQ - Certificate for pumping water in domestic applications 

Nocchi Pentair Water started to certificate as TIFQ those products used in contact with drinking water. This certification declares that the certified products are in accordance with DM 174/2004, which refers to all parts of the electric pumps. 

Below Nocchi Pentair Water certified products:

  • Horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps: DHR, DHI, MULTINOX A, MULTINOX XC, MULTI EVO, MULTI EVO-A, MULTI EVO-E, MULTI EVO-SP, VARIO 1-20/MULTI EVO-E
  • Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps: PVM, PVMI, PVMX, MULTINOX VE, MULTINOX-VE+
  • Each model on the list indicated can be marketed with an electronic speed control device; in this case, the product name is preceded by one of the following designations: 




For more information on TIFQ, please visit: Opens external link in new

To read DM 174/2004:

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