Booster Sets
Vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps. Complete systems for the transfer and pressurization of water

AUTOJET and AUTOMAX systems are manufactured with JETINOX and MAX type electrical pumps complete with ON / OFF electronic control device with pressure and flow control.

The pumps of the A-DHR series are horizontal non-self-priming centrifugal pumps.

WATERPRESS pressure units are manufactured with JET, JETINOX or MAX type electrical pump. They are supplied wired, complete with expansion tank and pressure switch, ready for installation and use.

VARIO, CPS and Frequency Changer are the new variable speed product series. They are designed for domestic residential and commercial applications, to ensure to the customers, comfort and advantages of constant pressure with variable flow. 

EASYBOOST, PRESSOMAT and SENSORMAT are unit for the automatic pressurization of fixed speed water distribution networks with 2 to 4 electrical pumps, with or without compensation pump.